Creative Patterns to Draw: Conquering Boredom with Zentangle Doodles, Floral Designs and More

Creative Patterns to Draw: Conquering Boredom with Zentangle Doodles, Floral Designs and More

Ever found yourself stuck in a rut of boredom, with a pen in your hand and a blank piece of paper in front of you? You’re not alone. Drawing patterns is a fantastic way to pass the time, engage your creativity, and even reduce stress.

From intricate mandalas to simple doodles, there’s a world of patterns out there waiting for your exploration. Whether you’re a seasoned artist or a complete beginner, these patterns can spark your imagination and keep you entertained.

So next time you’re bored, don’t just sit there—grab a pen and start drawing! You’ll be surprised at how quickly time flies when you’re immersed in creating your own piece of art.

Key Takeaways

  • Drawing patterns is a creative and impactful way to pass time and reduce stress, suitable for all skill levels from beginners to advanced artists.
  • Mandala patterns, originating from ancient India, are detailed designs that often symbolize the universe’s connection. They are known to be therapeutic and several studies, including one by the American Art Therapy Association, confirm their efficacy in reducing stress and improving focus.
  • Geometric patterns offer a fascinating exploration of shapes and symmetry. They require some planning and can help cultivate discipline while keeping the process engaging and creative.
  • Zentangle Doodles focus on embracing the process of creation and therapeutic drawing. They start with simple outlines filled with intricate patterns leading to relaxed focus and combatting boredom effectively.
  • Floral patterns are about depicting the beauty of flowers in a variety of shapes and sizes. They add a layer of complexity and engagement to the process with a focus on balance and composition in the final artwork, making it an excellent solution for boredom.
  • Abstract designs offer a broad area for artistic expression focusing less on real-world objects and more on visual aspects, emotions, and distinctive patterns. They are a freeing and engaging way to challenge conventional design perceptions and make one’s unique style evident.

Explore the endless possibilities of creative patterns that can transform any blank page into a captivating artwork. Begin with inspiring pattern ideas from Color Made Happy, which provides a variety of easy and cool patterns to draw. Additionally, delve into the intricate world of Zentangle with tutorials and resources available on TanglePatterns, an online hub for all things Zentangle.

Mandala Patterns

Mandala Patterns

Now let’s talk about Mandala Patterns. Originating from ancient India, the word ‘mandala’ means circle in Sanskrit. But these aren’t your simple, run-of-the-mill circles. Mandala patterns are intricate, detailed, and full of symbolism, often embodying the universe’s connection in their designs. It’s like creating your universe on paper! Not to mention, they’re an unbeatable boredom-buster.

Crafting your mandala can be an exercise in calm and relaxation. These designs, generally formed around a central point, radiate outwards with symmetrical beauty. As you start drawing, you’ll likely find the repetition soothing. Imagine the feeling of each line, each curve, as you bring them to life on your page. And, of course, no two mandalas are the same! Your mandala pattern is a unique expression of your creativity.

Mandalas are also adaptable, ideal for both beginners and advanced artists. You may start with basic shapes and patterns; as your confidence grows, you can dive into more complex design elements. Remember, there’s no right or wrong when creating your mandala – it’s all about immersing yourself in the process and enjoying the ride.

And, there’s another perk to drawing mandala patterns too. Studies show that doodling mandalas can help to reduce stress and improve your focus. In a 2015 study by American Art Therapy Association, drawing mandala patterns for 30 minutes could significantly decrease anxiety levels.

2015American Art Therapy AssociationDrawing mandala patterns for 30 minutes decreased anxiety levels

So, what are you waiting for? It’s time to get lost in the symmetrical wonder of Mandala patterns. Not only can they relieve boredom and stress, but they also provide a platform for your unique creativity to flourish. Enjoy the satisfying, meditative quality of drawing your Mandala, and watch how quickly the time flies.

Geometric Patterns

Geometric Patterns

Geometric patterns are an incredible place for your imagination to soar. Have you ever found yourself doodling shapes and lines while on hold on the phone or waiting for a meeting to start? That’s geometrical pattern drawing in its simplest form. But, once you get intentional about it, it’s more than just passing time.

Creating geometric patterns can take you on a captivating ride into the world of shapes and symmetry. Whether you choose to fill a page with a repetition of the same shape or mix and match different types of shapes – it’s all up to you. Not only does it offer an engaging way to beat the boredom, but it also gives your creative skills a solid exercise.

Now let’s dive a little bit into the depths. Unlike freeform doodles, geometric patterns require a hint of structural planning. You start with a simple shape, such as a circle or a square, and build from there. Your pattern might grow from adding other shapes to your foundational one, or by repeating your original shape in a specific pattern. Practice with both simple and complex geometric shapes to see what suits your style and mood.

Even though this kind of drawing may seem disciplined, it aids in inducing a state of flow. According to various studies, attaining this state can help reduce stress, increase happiness and foster a sense of well-being.

Intrigued? Let’s give it a try. All you need is a pen and a piece of paper. Start with some basic shapes and let your creativity lead the way. Have fun exploring the endless possibilities that geometric patterns have to offer.

Zentangle Doodles

Zentangle Doodles

When it comes to patterns to draw when bored, another captivating avenue to explore is the world of Zentangle Doodles. This art form, often compared to mindfulness meditation, encourages you to draw intricate designs while focusing solely on the process of creation, leading to a state of relaxed focus.

Zentangle doodles start with a simple outline, often a square, which you then fill with intricate and repetitive patterns. With Zentangle, there’s no right or wrong way to create your masterpiece. This gives you the freedom to doodle without judgement, which can be immensely gratifying and therapeutic.

One of the enchanting aspects of Zentangle is its element of surprise. You can’t predict what your design will look like until it’s finished, because only one line or shape is created at a time. This sense of mystery adds another level of enjoyment to the activity.

Zentangle isn’t about creating a perfect piece of art, but rather about the journey and experience so let your hand lead the way and release any expectations. The patterns you’ll find yourself drawing are often simple and minimalist, but the combination of designs can lead to a complex, beautiful result.

Ready to start your Zentangle adventure? Grab a fine-tip pen and a small piece of paper. Challenge yourself to focus on the process of drawing, not the end result. Let yourself be fully absorbed by your work. It’s an ideal way to pass the time, beat boredom, and expand your creativity.

The great thing about Zentangle? It’s flexibility. You can go about this art form in any way you like! Spend an entire afternoon creating a complex masterpiece or just 10 minutes on a simple, minimalist piece. It’s entirely up to you. As a boredom buster, Zentangle really does take some beating!

So let your hand guide you as you divulge into the world of Zentangle Doodles. Remember, there aren’t any mistakes, only new opportunities for creating incredible designs. It’s a truly remarkable way to create a respite from your everyday routine while honing your artistic skills.

Floral Patterns

Diving into Floral Patterns offers a whole new world of creativity. Flowers, with their unlimited shapes and sizes, are universal symbols of beauty and life. This makes floral designs an ideal subject matter when you’re trying to combat boredom.

The beauty of composing Floral Patterns is that there’s no right or wrong way to depict them. You don’t have to be a botanical expert or a professional artist to draw flowers. That’s the beauty of Zentangle and similar doodling methods, they embrace imperfection. But if you do prefer a guide, consider starting with basic shapes. You can then layer these shapes to create surprisingly intricate designs.

Some flowers to consider for your drawings might include:

Each of these flowers has distinctive features that allow for unique patterns and designs. For example, if you’re drawing a rose, you might emphasize its swirled petals. Or, for a sunflower, you might focus on its seed-filled center.

Let’s not forget about leaves and stems, they add an extra layer of interest to your piece and achieve a balanced composition. Experiment with different shapes, sizes, and arrangements of these elements. Watch as your artwork starts to pop off the page.

When you’re in the zone, time flies, and before you know it, you’ve created something visually striking. Furthermore, each flower you draw is unique, just like in nature. It’s this variety, combined with the simple act of creation, which makes drawing Floral Patterns an excellent antidote to boredom.

Abstract Designs

Continuing on your artistic journey, let’s dive deeper into another fascinating pattern to draw when bored: Abstract Designs. As dynamic and as intriguing as Zentangle Doodles and Floral Patterns, Abstract Designs focus on visual aspects that don’t necessarily connect to real-world objects. Yielding to the rhythmic motion of your thoughts over your hand, you’ll find these patterns are diverse. They reward creativity and imaginative interpretations, offering a broader latitude for artistic expression.

When creating Abstract Designs, you don’t have to worry about sketching exact shapes or real-world subjects; rather, feel free to let your ideas and emotions take the form of distinctive patterns on the paper. These designs often include free-flowing lines, chaotic patterns, and eye-catching colors. Although it may seem a little daunting at first, remember there is no exact formula for Abstract Designs.

One way you can approach drafting these patterns is looking at something around you. Yet, instead of recreating it as it is, use it as an inspiration and allow your thoughts to garnish it with experimental details. This process is freeing and engaging, specifically because it challenges conventional design boxes you might have taught yourself to stay in. It’s like creating your very own aesthetic language.

Remember, the purpose here is not perfection, but the sheer enjoyment of your artistic journey. Indeed, within Abstract Designs, the journey is often more important than the destination. It’s a fantastic boredom-buster and a creative outlet that not only offers an escape but also reveals your unique perspectives and feelings in an artistic form.


So, you’ve got it all! Zentangle Doodles, Floral Patterns, and Abstract Designs are your go-to when boredom strikes. They’re not just patterns to draw, they’re gateways to your creativity. These forms of art let you express yourself freely, without any rules to hold you back. They’re all about the journey, not the destination. So, don’t worry about perfecting them. Instead, let your imagination run wild and enjoy the process. Remember, it’s your unique perspective and emotions that make your artwork special. So, next time when boredom creeps in, grab that pen and paper and let your creativity flow. You won’t just beat the boredom, you’ll also discover a whole new side of you.

What are Zentangle Doodles and Floral Patterns?

Zentangle Doodles and Floral Patterns are creative outlets to counter boredom. They promote freedom of expression and provide an open canvas for experimentation.

What are Abstract Designs?

Abstract Designs are unconventional patterns that allow for imaginative interpretations. They often incorporate free-flowing lines, chaotic patterns, and vibrant colors, breaking the mold of traditional design.

How does creating Abstract Designs combat boredom?

Creating Abstract Designs is a liberating and engaging process that helps combat boredom. It focuses on the enjoyment of the artistic journey, rather than achieving perfection, thereby serving as a fulfilling activity when bored.

Why are Abstract Designs, Zentangle Doodles, and Floral Patterns recommended as boredom busters?

These creative endeavors provide a means for individuals to express their unique perspectives and feelings through visual art. The freedom and experimentation they offer make these artistic outlets an excellent solution to boredom.